Example of matted and framed print.

Example of matted and framed print.

I like classics. I like exquisite B&W prints, matted and framed.
I like pictures that tell me something about life and the world, yet are timeless.

Printing. I sell digital prints, printed on modern professional printers using archival pigment inks (giclée prints if you will). All the prints are proofed by me, nothing short of perfect leaves the studio.

Sizes. Prints can be ordered in the following sizes: 
        - 25x30cm (10x15 inches)
        - 40x50cm (16x20 inches)

The prints come with at least 5cm (2in) white borders on all sides. Black and white pictures are very effective at smaller sizes too.

Paper. I personally prefer Hahnemühle Photo Rag Pearl or Canson Platine Fibre Rag paper, both of which have very nice but still unobtrusive texture and are especially suitable for warm gray tones. I passionately hate canvas and I don't print my work on it - please don't even try :)

Editions. The prints are numbered, but the editions are not limited by default.  The pictures sold as prints will not be licensed for commercial use (advertising, etc). I might send them to contests and photography magazines though.

Signature. The pictures come signed both on the front side (title and name) and on the back (title, name, edition info, date, etc). If needed, the front signature can be hidden during framing.

Framing. The example above gives an idea how I'd like my pictures to be framed. But your preferences and constraints set by room interiors may vary and that's why it's best to sell the prints without frames. Also, shipping framed prints is much more expensive. You are still welcome to ask a quote with framing of course.

Shipping. Prints are shipped from Estonia, EU. Smaller prints are shipped in flat package, larger ones in rolls. Orders are shipped within 10 working days after receiving successful payment. Whenever possible, shipping confirmation and tracking info will be sent to you when the prints are shipped. Transport usually takes around 2-4 weeks to both within EU and to US. Damaged prints are replaced.

Pricing. Request a quote by writing me an email. In case you're not satisfied with the print, you're guaranteed to get your money back, but you pay the shipping costs.

Special requests. I'm happy to deal with custom sizes & solutions too - if you want Diasec or shadow frame, it can be done.