Ideas for 2016

Continue with One Camera, One Lens, One Year project (at least until December when it'll be one year from the start). If it forms into something coherent, then it forms and if it doesn't, no big deal. The purpose is to keep shooting and have fun.

Continue with short photo essays. Try to shoot with an idea, but keep doing it even when I don't have one.

Try to start with a new project. I have one idea, but I won't say what it is for now. I prefer to talk about it once the pictures are taken.

Buy a print. If I really like it and can afford it, why not. I'm in the print sales business myself, why not contribute to the marketplace.

Do a photography-related trip abroad. Not to shoot, but to see good photography. Maybe Arles, maybe Paris Photo, maybe something else. I'd be glad to go to New York when more galleries are open (and not on summer vacation as it happened last year).

Do a shooting trip. I've dreamed about Iceland for so long, I really want to go there. The downside is that I don't think my edge is in shooting landscapes.

Walk, just walk. Park the f*cking car and walk around the place you want to photograph. This is the only way to get firsthand impressions, to be in contact with whatever you're shooting. Go alone, smile and greet people.

Be open to new ideas and place. Keep searching, keep trying, keep experimenting.