B&W Pictures, Color Associations

I know this blog is mostly notes for myself rather than something that is widely read and discussed, so here's another note for mostly myself (although I still add some context so everybody else will understand it too).

At least three people told me after my exhibition at Linnagalerii (series "Blood Unquiet", there're also a couple of pictures from the gallery) that although the pictures are black&white in appearance, they didn't perceive them as being black&white. Instead, the pictures triggered colorful associations of their own childhood in the viewers.

The fact that the pictures did trigger associations at all is good thing - at least this is the way I think. Creating some emotional response in the viewer is certainly something I strive for.

One person asked me whether I intentionally altered between static and dynamic pictures when ordering them - although I had ordered them by my own associations, they seemed in perfect order for him. Another interesting thing I would have never thought about when just staring at the pictures alone (but it also means I probably haven't distanced yet from the pictures enough to look at them as a neutral visitor - I probably never will).