Thoughts About OCOLOY (1 Month)

As an introduction, OCOLOY is the One Camera, One Lens, One Year project. I've done it around one month now. Here're the thoughts so far.

The project serves two primary goals for me. Firstly, I want to enjoy photography again. I don't want to overthink things (the concept, the output, etc), I just do it for now. Secondly, I want something to motivate me to keep shooting at least a few times a week. And it actually works.

I've noticed things I didn't notice before, I've gone to places I've never been before, I've taken alternative routes, I've been walking and observing.

I'm a bit sad it came out as gear oriented thing (one camera, one lens), if I started it now, I'd call a Street Photography One Year or something like that.

On the gear side I'm using Sony RX100 M3 and I'm happy with it. I couldn't do this with a big camera. I like the tilting screen, because it allows me to shoot from waist level, just like I was looking something from my phone - which is a completely normal thing to do on the streets nowadays. I like how it fits into the pocket, I wouldn't bother with a huge camera. I like the look it gives although it rather anonymous (the project is not about lenses or bokeh anyway), I even like the grain structure when I shoot high ISO. On the downside, it's hard to operate with gloves, but well, that would make the camera bigger too.