Photoville 2015

I've been writing about this for quite a while already, but now it's official - my series Blood Unquiet is part of Photoville 2015 programming (as they funnily call it - programming means entirely different thing for the other half of me - the IT guy). The contracts are signed, fees paid, plane tickets bought and my pictures will start their journey towards Photoville already tomorrow.

Photoville is a "gate event" for me - this probably isn't a correct term, but I don't know a better one to describe an event that could change a lot, but is not guaranteed to do it. So on one end of the spectrum of possible outcomes is that my life goes on quietly just like it has until now or, on the other end of the spectrum is that I'll get a lot of invitations and exhibitions etc. I'd rather not speculate which way it goes, I'm used to keeping my expectations low and trying to produce work that pleases myself first.

It's still great honor to be among the exhibitions organized by Getty, Magnum, PDN and so on. I'm planning to visit as many exhibitions as possible myself during the time I'm staying in New York. Hope to find some time to cover it here too.