My Fundraiser Worked!

Wow, my fundraising campaign obviously worked, even better than I thought. I hit the target by the end of third week out of five total.

It's a relief, first of all. I'm not a promoter or salesman, more like the opposite.

During the process I personally thanked all the people in my contacts list. It was just good to reconnect and some people offered other kind of help - like contacts in New York, suggestions for accommodation and more. I'm going to need that.

It's clear that I'm going to Photoville now - only force majeure will stop me. There's a lot of work ahead though. And I need to start with it earlier than I expected, tomorrow that is.

There's also a lot of work with the prints I'm selling in the campaign too. Printing, proofing, signing, shipping.

I hope to write a proper conclusion to the fundraiser once it's over.