More on Print Sizes

This post is follow-up to Exhibition Considerations Part II, where print sizes were discussed.

I spent two evenings this week cutting out placeholders from packaging paper and taping them to the wall. My main concerns were to find suitable sizes and layouts that would work for both of the main venues (Linnagalerii and Photoville container).  I tried the following sizes:

  • I have one test print in landscape format at 100x80cm and I added 80x64cm portrait picture (actually just the paper cutout) to it. Landscape is definitely too big for Photoville container.
  • So I tried both landscape and portrait formats at 80x64cm. The sizes are fine, now the layout becomes questionable - do you arrange the pictures by tops or by bottoms? Tops is better, but I still don't like it.
  • Fine, let's try landscapes at 80x64cm and make the portraits match the height, so they would be 64x51cm. Layout is good, tops and bottoms match, but the portraits are just way too small for my liking.
  • There're not too many sizes in between, so I made some 90x72cm placeholders for landscape photos and 72x57cm for portraits. I found it to be just right. Not that I had too many options left, but still - I felt somehow very comfortable with these, especially in comparison to the previously discussed options that filled my other walls.

At some point after googling "diasec in gallery" I stumbled upon framed Diasecs - there're several options but I instantly liked just plain white border around the picture. Not a frame in classical sense (wooden frames are available too, but I don't fancy those), but rather something that separates the photo from the background. I discussed this with Artproof and they thought that it would be good idea for the Photoville containers where the background is rather busy. It also makes the picture area a bit smaller and improves the viewing experience from short distance.

After some experimentation I found out that at 90x72cm 6cm white border is the very minimum. I'd like it to be even wider, but then it starts eating too much of the picture area, particularly in case of the smaller 72x57cm portrait format. And it also changes the aspect ratio, so I have to do all my calculations from scratch.

I still want the long side of landscape to be 90cm, so that's the starting point. If the border is 6+6=12cm, the longer side of picture area would be 78cm. 78/1,25=62,4cm and 62,4+6+6=74,4cm. Note how the aspect ratio changes here - we started from 90x72cm which matches exactly to the 4x5 (and thus the division by 1,25) originals and end up with 90x74,4cm which is not 4x5 any more because we added the same amount to both sides. Applying the same to portrait format and using the new length 74,4cm (cause we want them to form a perfect row in the gallery) as the longer side of portrait format: (74,4-12)/1,25+12=61,92cm (62,4x49,92cm being the picture area).

So the (hopefully - you never know before it's done) final sizes would be:

  • 90x74,4cm for landscape format
  • 74,4x62,92cm for portrait format
  • And maybe - depending on the budget - we'll throw in one bigger picture to liven up the exhibition a bit

I'm hoping to solve the other dilemma - matte versus glossy Diasec - next week with a test print. More on this when I see it.