Exhibition Considerations Part III

Part III of the Exhibition Considerations is picking up where Part I left off (Part II was about determining the right sizes) - discussing finishing again, this time trying to take into account the venues where the project will be exhibited. These would be:

  • Tallinn Art Gallery
  • Photoville festival held in converted freight containers

First of all, these are two very different venues, but the one thing in common is that neither of them is very well suited for displaying pictures with highly glossy surfaces. Tallinn Art Gallery because of the first room where there's one big wall opposite to the windows and containers because the walls are light gray and close to each other.

I consulted with some people who confirmed my doubts and said that photos on Diasec are very demanding when it comes to the rooms where they're being displayed. I have a 80 x 100 cm test print on a high-gloss paper used in Diasec process taped to my living room wall opposite to a big window and I have to admit it's very hard to find a suitable viewing angle so that the reflections won't distract you. I explained in Part I why I chose Diasec (showcase floaters won't save me from reflections either and are even harder to transport and display in containers, matted prints under museum glass are just too ordinary), now lets investigate how to proceed from here.

After some googling I found out that there're several types of Diasec - the ordinary high-gloss version, the same thing just with matte acrylic (sometimes called anti-glare) and so called anti-reflective version (basically Diasec under museum glass). The last one is ruled out by price, that leaves me the matte Diasec.

When visiting Artproof we checked the test prints under frosted glass, mimicking the finishing of matte Diasec. It cuts the dynamic range of the prints noticeably, making the nice deep blacks a bit less black and probably the bright whites also a bit darker, but that's not so noticeable. But it also widens the viewing angle and cuts reflections.

I probably want to see a real example before making the final decision, but I don't think I have many other options to choose from.